Meaning of MAUKA: Inland; upland; on the mountain side; toward the mountain. Mauka refers not only to the strength and integrity of the protective mountains, but to the focus on the medically underserved community that lives up mauka.

Physical Therapy for Healthy Aging

Mission Statement

Deliver the highest quality physical therapy services to South Kona and Ka’u in an open and inclusive environment; led by movement professionals that promote mobility, health throughout one’s lifespan, healing, and community engagement with kindness, empathy, and fairness.

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"Ellie was very perceptive, patient and generous with her time & advice."
"Great care and a beautiful, airy space."
"Great team!"
"Steph really geared my treatments to where I needed the most help."
"Ellie really helped me with my pain and gave me the tools to self correct."
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The Koa trees—endemic to Hawai’i and found mauka—have various meanings in Hawaiian culture. Representing ongoing growth, serenity, integrity and strength, koa also means brave, bold, fearless warrior. The spirit of the koa is reflected in warriors’ canoes, weapons, and in traditional sailing and navigating. Mauka Movement endeavors to embody these traits through a positive, empowering environment. We hope to inspire community-dwelling older adults to go beyond their expectations of aging and to continue to move safely and independently in the activities they love.